C L DAV Senior Public School

Panchkula,Haryana 134112

Admission Procedure  
  • Admission is granted on merit and subject to availability of seats. The registration form should be filled and submitted in the school office with all the necessary documents.
  • Original Birth Certificate (Pre-Nursery only)
  • Original TC from School last attented
  • Original Report Cards
  • Original Character Certificate, Migration Certificate, etc
  • Admission from classes (I-X) will depend on the performance of the child in the entrance test.
  • Admission to Class XI Commerce/ Science is given provisionally before the Board Results on the basis of Class X School Average.
  • Results of interview/ admission test will be communicated on the School Notice Board on a specified date and time.

Guidelines for Parents

  • Parents must ensure that their wards are regular, punctual, properly dressed and always carry school diary with them.
  • The students should be dropped at the school gate by 7:55 a.m.
  • Attendence of students in all school activities/school functions is compulsory particularly in Independence Day,Republic Day.
  • Leave applications upto 4 days should be addressed to the class teacher and, for more than 4 days, to the Principal.
  • Medical Leave must be accompanied by a medical certificate.No short leave for birthdays,engagements or any other family celebrations will be granted during school hours.
  • Ensure that your ward makes up for work missed by him/her during absence/leave with the guidance of the teachers.
  • No friends,acquaintances or relatives may be directed on behalf of the parenets to visit their ward during school hours.
  • Do not send the ward to school if he/she complains of sickness or is suffering from any infectious disease.
  • School dues(fee,fine etc.) must be paid on time.
  • Intimate the school office in written if there is any change in phone number and residence address.
  • Not to call them back home during school hours by sending written requests or by sending any other person known to you. However in case of emergency either of the parents may come personally to collect the ward
  • Ensure that the child maintains personal hygiene, sleeps for 8 hours daily,has a nutritionally rich diet.
  • In case parents wish to meet a teacher,then should first fix an appointment with the Co-ordinator.
  • A student's name is liable to be struck off from the rolls for Long absence of more than 7 days without information,Non-payment of dues,Disciplinary grounds (use of drugs, violence,Damage to school property etc).

Code of Conduct

  • Coming late to school.
  • Defiant rude behaviour towards teachers.
  • Use of abusive language/bullying or beating up fellow students.
  • Misbehaviour in class/school campus/school bus.
  • Improper or untidy uniform.
  • Inability to keep up with academics.
  • Late submission of note books for correction.
  • Disobedient/non-cooperative behaviour.
  • Breaking school rules.
  • Leave without permission.
  • Use of unfair means during examination.
  • Damaging school furniture or things belonging to others.
  • Bringing costly or undesirable articles to school like CD's,Camaras,Cell phones etc.
  • Writing or drawing anything on the walls or school furniture.
  • Bunking School.
  • Not carrying school bags containing diary and all books and notebooks according to the time table.
  • Leaving class without class pass.
  • Damaging library books
  • Not moving in queue for assembly/PT class/Computer class/Library etc.
  • Not keeping the surroundings clean.
  • Not wearing civil dress on birthdays (IV onwards).


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CLDAV Public School
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