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Smart Classes  

Smart Class for Smart Learning

The existing classrooms are converted into technology enables smart classrooms equipped with interactive digiboard system. It is connected to a PC that is networked to a dedicated smart class knowledge centre in the campus.

Key benefits from using Smartclass

  • Complement classroom teaching
  • Engaged learning
  • Difficult concepts made easy
  • Reinforce knowledge retention
  • Promote self-directed learning

The methodology of teaching lays emphasis on Activity Based Learning. It is a method where subjects are taught through activities. The purpose is not to let the young child feel stressed. This makes learning an interesting experience. It also helps the child to understand and retain the matter taught. Care is also taken that a child is not burdened with too many assignments/homework.

Role of Teachers

The school authorities believe that smart class teaching is more effective as the students get to watch visuals of what they are taught.It is more effective and an enjoyable experience for the students. It also helps the teachers acquire new skills as well as help the students improve their knowledge.

Teachers prepare their own lessons (PPT, videos, documents etc) on topics of importance and project them through the smart board. Similarly, students are also encouraged to use this set up to create and present their own work. Lots of exercises and activities are a part of the content material which students enjoy attempting.


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