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Social Responsibility  

It has always been a constant endeavour of the school to instill in our children the values that make them socially responsible individuals and work for the common good of society at large. A number of socially relevant concerns kept our interactors and members of the Yuva club extremely busy with their commitments.

Arya Yuva Samaj

Under the guidance of President of DAVCMC Sh.Poonam Suri DAV Institutions are further strengthening the ongoing endevours of imbibing vedic values in the students through regular hawans and spiritual orientations.Carring forward the crusade of Arya Samaj and inculcating moral ethos, hawans are regularly performed throughout the year by the members of Arya Yuva Sabha,a prominent club of the school actively permoting philanthropic and social welfare activities in the district.The students,parents and faculty members regularly attend these soul purifying events.

  • To incorporate vedic values HAWAN is organized at the end of each month.
  • The Annual Day of the school was celebrated with a difference. An enthralling Bhajan Sandhya was organized to reinforce finer Vedic values for harmonious life
  • In July 2013, Hawan was organized in the school for the people who suffered in Uttrakhand and prayers were offered for the departed souls. Donation of 2.51 Crore being handed over to the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Uttrakhand towards the C.M.'s Disaster Relief Fund by DAV College Managing Committee.
  • In July-hawan was performed in the school to express solidarity with the Victims of Jammu and Kashmir and donated Rs.50000/- for flood victims.
  • In September-dedicated to women and prayede for the wellbeing of staff and the students.
  • In October-welcoming festive season and praying for the nation's growth and prosperity.
  • On 1st November,2014, Blood Donation Camp was organized in the school campus to pay homage to Mahatma Hansraj on his 150th birth anniversary.More than 150 volunteers participated in the lifesaving venture in School Campus.
  • In December-special prayer session was held in the school to condole the death of innocent children killed in Army Public School,peshawar.

Goodwill Day

Good education is crucial to building a just, humane and compassionate society. Keeping this lofty aim in mind the school takes up a social responsibility every year on children's day and celebrates it as GOODWILL DAY to nurture a sense of social responsibility among students and foster a strong commitment of giving back to society.


  • The students of the senior wing went that extra mile and donated Rs 65,780 to the CARING SOULS FOUNDATION, LUCKNOW which is working to help cancer patients and suffering kids in the country in 2012.This year again in Dec,2014  students collected the amount of Rs.85,000 for the treatment of termially ill children and cancer patients.
  • The students of the junior wing collected the amount of 21,685 for Destitute India in August,2014
  • The children visited the Orphanage and distributed already collected items of daily use like-biscuits, stationery items, towels, soaps, toothpastes, etc (2009-2010).
  • Students contributed items of daily use, like flour, rice, pulses, detergent, soaps etc, for the people living in Old Age Home,sector-15,Panchkula in 2011.
  • Fee concession is given to the needy and deserving students.
  • With unusual enthusiasm and commitment the young interactors celebrated ARMED FORCES FLAG DAY on 7th December and collected Rs.5000/- through the sale of flags.

Environmental Concerns

Project Boond:-The DAV CMC under the dynamic guidance of Mr.Poonam Suri President D.A.V.CMC started Project Boond on 19thJan,2013 to make people aware about the dire need to conserve the water.Under this project the school carried out various events,activities and sensitization programmes through out the year to educate about the importance of water conservation.

Ghaggar clean up campaign:- Spreading the message of 'Green and Clean' through rallies,cleanliness drives, tree plantations, seminars and workshops is undertaken on regular basis. The students also took up the project of Ghaggar clean-up campaign launched by the Environment Society  of India to mark  the World Biodiversity Day.

Anti Crackers Rally:- About 250 students of the schoo, holding pacards with slogans "Green and Clean City","Crackers create pollution, avoid them","Spread the echo of love and peace instead of crackers"etc. marched through the streets of Panchkula to sensitize people about the deleterious effects of crackers on environment.They also distributed pamphlets concerning tips to check atmospheric chemicalisation and how to celebrate a safe Diwali.The rally was lead by the Green Brigade and N.S.S volunteers of te school and flagged by Shri S.K.Sharma,President Environmet Sciety of India,Panckula

Cycle Rally:- School students took out a Cycle Rally in order to make the people aware theat the need of the hour is to stop polluting the atmosphere and emphasized that people must use cycles instead of cars.Students distributed paper bags in the nearby market and motivated the people to shun polythene.

Street Plays:- A street play 'Vasundra Harita Bhavtu'staged in the bank square,Sector-11 resonated how students can contribute their bit in saving the environment.It jolted everyone's conscience present there and urged them to introspect the impact of mean and mercenary plundering of nature.Students also distributed pamphlets in various pubilc offices to educate people about keeping their surroundings clean A contingent of 500 students formed human chain and took ledge resounding their solidarity towards a common cause of making the surroundings eco-friendly.

Visit to "Institute for blind":- Our N.S.S volunteers visited Institute for Blind,Sector 26,Panchkula.Mr.J.S.Jairath,Headmaster of the Institute apprised the children of the working nd management of their institute.The students had the most informative interaction while the inmates whose efforts exuded their confidence,grit and determination.Our volunteers spent quality time there partaking their small tokens of affection. 

Taruni-The Girl Child Club
A Bold Initiative-Taruni-the Girl Child Club, to empower girls is a bold initiative of the school taken in view of the skewed sex ratio in Haryana.School honoured 15 parents who have been sponsoring the needy and meritorious students for many years.

To live a healthy stress free life, adopt yoga as a way of life, emphasized Yograj Swami Lalji Maharaj, the fourth generation yoga guru. This yogic session was conducted by Yog Chikitsalya ans Yog training center sec-12 ,Panchkula. Yoga sessions are also organized for the elderly people in the early hours of the morning in the school premises by Yoga Sansthan, Panchkula.

Old People Welfare Association                                                                                                                                                                
Regular feature of the school is the get together of the Citizens of Old People Welfare Association on Sundays. The school offers its premises for the same. International Elders Day is celebrated every year in Oct, where the senior citizen participate. Hawan is held and various other activities are also organized.

SWACH BHARAT......                                                                                                                                                               
As a part of Swachh Bharat Mission,volunteers of Eco and Health and Wellness club launched cleanliness drive in the school.About 1300 students made a roaster of responsibilities to clean the grounds,plant-beds,classes and their work places.The staff too,participated actively."It was a day of great reflection,"quipped with students.

Beti Bachao Abhiyaan....                                                                                                                                                             
In perusal of the clarion call given by Prime Minister Sh.Narender Modi to carry out BETI BACHAO BETI PADHA CAMAIGN, various competitions such as essay writing,slogan writing and poster making were held for different classes to sensitize the students on this issue and also work towards the upliftment of he girl child.

Expressing gratitude to soldiers                                                                                                                                                           The young crusaders also sent beautiful hand made cards to the soldiers at different borders to express their gratitude for working selflessly to counter eternal threats and maintain security for the safety of the citizens.


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