C L DAV Senior Public School

Panchkula,Haryana 134112

Withdrawal Procedure  

Pupils may not be allowed to continue in the schoo under following conditions

  • Those who fail to show satisfactory progress and are unwilling or unable to profit from the educational programme of the school.
  • Those whose behaviour and conduct, in the opinion of the Principal,is harmful to the interest of the school.
  • Those who fail twice in the same class.
  • The amount of secrurity deposited at the time of admission should be claimed within six months from the date of leaving the school otherwise it will stand forefeited.

Withdrawal in the month of March will not be accepted

  • Transfer or school leaving certificate and progress report shall not be issued until all dues are paid.Duplicated copies of such certificates are not issued.In special cases,such certificates are issued after verification and on payment of an amount decided by the school as Duplicate Certificate fee.
  • Guardians are requested to apply for withdrawal of their wards from the school at least on emonth in advance,failing which one month's tuition fee in lieu of notice will be charged.
  • Parents applying for withdrawal of their ward from the school should fill up the form given at the back of the diary and submit it in school office before 10th march.
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CLDAV Public School
Panchkula,Haryana 134112

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