C L DAV Senior Public School
Panchkula,Haryana 134112
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             "If the vision is a day, CULTIVATE FLOWERS...          
                   If the vision is a year, GROW TREES...                   
 But, if the vision is a life-time, EDUCATE A HUMAN CHILD” 

Teaching is an ongoing learning process. The critical role that teachers play in the future of the nation and in the lives of the learners can be determined from the words of Alexander the Great “I am indebted to my father for living but to my teacher for living well.”Educators therefore need to be well informed and inspired to facilitate learning and mentor students effectively to face the real life challenges of tomorrow.The survival mantra of 21st century is lifelong learning. The professional development programmes,seminars and workshops conducted throughout the year aimed at ensuring that teachers continue to stay updated with the latest happenings and innovations in the field of education. The teachers also reviewed their existing practices so that the best interests of students are secured.

CLDAV appointed its faculty members with excellent educational background, scholarship, experience and orientation. Indeed, the newly appointed faculty members have outstanding academic records with rich experience in teaching.

Our team is so elegant and efficient in taking care of the children entrusted to their care with love and affection.

They are very brilliant and intelligent in handling the classes and the subjects very effectively and efficiently with vast knowledge on all subjects and current events.

They are well trained and moulded to give individual preference and attentiveness to each and every students and making the learning process a memorable one.

Our teachers understand their immense responsibility in imparting the knowledge to our students with love and confidence.

We have 45 teaching staff for educating and inspireing our buds to blossom into beautiful flowers to spread their fragrance in around the world.                


Ms. Anjali Marriya,Principal

Ms.Rosy Uppal,Coordinator Senior Wing

Ms.Shailja Sharma,Coordinator Middle Wing

Ms.Seema Gandhi,Coordinator Middle Wing

Ms.Anju Ratra,Coordinator Junior Wing

Ms. Beenu Bhalla PGTs
Ms. Alpana Bajaj PGTs
Ms. Rama Anand PGTs
Ms. Rajni Sethi Sr. TGTs
Ms. Manisha Pathak Sr. TGTs
Ms. Namrata Vaid Sr. TGTs
Ms. Madhuvinder TGTs
Ms. Rosy Uppal TGTs
Ms. Santosh Dogra TGTs
Ms. Kiran Sharma TGTs
Ms. Rajni Kaushal Sr. TGTs
Ms. Seema Gandhi PRTs
Ms. Shashi Verma PRTs
Ms. Rama Rani Saini PRTs
Ms. Vipin Mala Sharma PRTs
Ms. Suman Lata  PRTs
Ms. Prerna PRTs
Ms. Anu Wayyar PRTs
Ms. Lalita Sharma PRTs
Ms. Renu Bala PRTs
Ms. Sangita Sharma PRTs
Ms. Anju Manchanda PRTs
Mr. Dineshwar Arya PRTs
Ms. Sonia Khosla PGTs
Ms. Romita Bali PRTs
Ms. Neetu Sharma PGTs
Mr. Sanjay Kumar  TGTs
Ms. Usha Dhiman PRTs
Ms. Mohita Chopra PRTs
Ms.Shikha Gupta TGT
Ms.Preety Goel PRTs
Ms.Preeti Thakur PRTs
Ms.Aprajita PRTs
Ms.Nivedita PRTs
Ms.Niharika PRTs
Ms.Aakshi PRTs
Ms.Jaya PRTs
Ms.Shikha Sharma PRTs
Ms.Sunita Khunger PRTs
Ms.Rashmi PRTs
Ms.Elina PRTs
Mr.Mohammad Ali TGTs
Mr.Ramesh Yadav PRTs
Ms.Sunidhi Librarian