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Due emphasis is laid on encouraging the students to make optimum use of the school library which stocks more than 15000 books including encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books and manuals, etc. Nearly 15 periodicals on various subjects are subscribed to. To inculcate reading habits and to provide free access to books, the library has introduced open-shelf system and a class library system. 'Quest Club' came into existence on Children's Day for the avid readers. The school plans various literary activities through this club viz.

  • Corner for creative writers
  • Reference hunting competitions
  • Book-reviews
  • Preparing quiz sheets
  • Group-Discussions
  • Celebration of library week

Parents to encourage their child to read

Here are some tips for parents to encourage their kids to read and turn a young reader’s reluctance into enthusiasm.

  • Develop children's oral language:-Depending on the child’s language skill level, give him a story to read or have a story read to them. When the story is finished, ask your child to pinpoint favorite parts of the story. This can enable children to have fun picking out words and develop an interest to move to the next page.
  • Read several stories every day:-The more children are exposed to literature, the more reading will become part of their daily life. A child is introduced to new information, concepts, and phonemic awareness with every story.
  • Encourage a wide variety of reading activities:-Make reading an essential part of your children’s lives. Let them read menus, movie name, roadside signs, game guides, weather reports, and other practical everyday information. Always try to make sure your children have something to read in their spare time.

  • Use technology to increase self-esteem:- Technology is changing the way we all learn, and it can have a positive impact on kids and their reading.Building self-esteem through applied technology and increased reading skills can have a positive ripple-effect on every other area of a student’s life.
  • Let them choose what they read:-Reading for pleasure is one of the best ways for a child to improve his performance at school, but teaching a child to love reading involves a lot more than simply handing him a book. Letting children have choices in their reading material goes a long way in raising life-long readers. Kids who choose what they read, regardless of whether it’s a novel, a comic book, or a magazine, are more engaged with what they are reading and more likely to retain the information.
  • ​​Help them choose age-appropriate books:-Help your kids choose age-appropriate books on topics that interest them to spark a passion for reading. Take them to the library or even show them e-readers that provide entire libraries of options at the touch of the screen. Access to a wide-variety of options helps make it easier for parents to help their children find the stories that give them that toehold into the world of reading.
  • Surround your children with reading material:-Children with a large collection of reading resources in their homes score higher and perform better on standardized tests. Provoke a reading habit in your child by having a large array of interesting books and magazines at her reading level.
  • Show interest in your child’s reading:-Your response or feedback has a strong effect on how hard they will try to become good readers. Always remember to give them genuine praise for their efforts.

                   ​Recommended Books for Reading for students

Class Title Author

Hansel and Greetal

The Enormous Turnip

Town mouse an Country mouse

June Woodman

June Woodman

June Woodman



Little Red Riding Hood

The Princess and the Frog

Dick Whittington

Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan

Alexander Dumas


Puss in boots

Tom Thumb

The Emperor's New Clothes

Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan

Alexander Dumas


Alice in Wonderland

Gulliver;s Travels

Peter Pan

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Lewis Carroll

Jonathan Swift


Roald Dahl


A tale of two cities

The adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Black Beauty


Charles Dickens

Daniel Defoe

Anna Sewell



The Invisible Man

Around the world in 80 days

Fabmouse Vacation for Geronimo

Red Pizzas for a blue count

Know and Grow with Derek


Jules Verne

Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo Stilton

Derek O'Brien


Year book 2016


Esio Trot

Enormous Crocodile

The book of motivation

Mammen Mathew

Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl

Terry O'Brien


Indomitable Spirit

Mission India

India 2020

Seven habits of highly effective teens

The power of positive thinking

Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam

Sean Covey

Norman V.Peale


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