C L DAV Senior Public School

Panchkula,Haryana 134112

About School  

"From darkness to light, from light to enlightenment." With this dictum in mind, this school was started on the Mahatma Hans Raj Day in April 1982. The school has been named after an illustrious D.A.V. Luminary Lala Chaman Lal, who served the Saindass A.S Higher Secondary School at Jalandhar for about 40 years as Principal and made it one of the most reputed institutions of its kind.
Affiliated with C.B.S.E., New Delhi for +2 stage since 1986 and directly managed by the D.A.V College Managing Committee, Chitra Gupta Road, New Delhi, this school has come to occupy a place of pride among the best institutions in the area. The present stature of the school is measured not only by the splendid infrastructure or elaborate facilities it offers but also by the dedication of its school community that struggles each day to create an environment that challenges all to discover and build on their strengths and constantly helps on other experience a deep sense of personal worth.
Aims & Objectives
The institution aims to inculcate a spirit of competition among students to attain excellence in all the spheres of educational spectrum and enable them to rise to higher levels of endeavour and achievement.
  • It aims to make students academically competent by evolving creative teaching methods which will kindly their curiosity and inspire them to become life long learners.
  • It offers a student-friendly atmosphere which will free each child of his/her inhibition and limitations
  • It aims to promote love and respect for our pristine cultural heritage and vedic values.
  • It aims to impart education in a manner that the students acquire virtues like humility, discipline, compassion, positive attitude and develop the urge to appreciate truth, beauty and goodness.
Commitment to Vedic Values
Early morning the lush green premises of the School becomes resonant with the chanting of the vedic shlokas spreading the message of Swami Dayanand Saraswati and the basic truth enunciated in the Vedas i.e. to strive for the goodness of the entire human race, "Krinvanto Vishwam Aryam".
The morning assembly in our school is not only a mans of apprising the students of various happenings around the school but is also medium of imparting the right moral values, helping them cultivate a deep sense of national integration and character building thus grooming not only intellectuals but truly educated future citizens.
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CLDAV Public School
Panchkula,Haryana 134112

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