C L DAV Senior Public School
Panchkula,Haryana 134112
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Circular I  


Dear Parents
Parents Teachers Meeting (PTM) for the II Unit Test is scheduled for 21.12.2019.
Timings 9:00am. to 12:00noon.
Parents are requested to strictly adhere to the timings as there is a workshop for teachers after the PTM. 
Thanks & regards 
Principal CL DAV
Dear Parents
This is to inform you that winter vacation will begin from 30 Dec.2019 to 8 Jan.2020.
School will reopen for all classes on 9 Jan.2020. 
8:45 AM-1:00 PM  (for classes Pre-Nursery, Nursery & KG) (Till 24 January 2020) 
8:45 AM-2:50 PM (for classes I to VII & IX)
Pre-Board Examination for classes VIII, X, XI & XII
Timings :- 8:45 AM-1:00 PM 
Kindly note that 18 Jan.2020 (III Saturday) will be a holiday in lieu of 11 Jan.2020(II Saturday).
In case of persisting foggy weather conditions, any change in the schedule will be intimated accordingly. 
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Thanks & Regards 
Principal CL DAV
Dear Parents
Kindly note that due to cold and foggy weather conditions the school timings have been changed from tomorrow i.e. 17.12.2019, till further notice.
for classes Pre-nursery, Nursery, K.G., XI and XII-A 8:45am. to 1:40pm. 
for classes I to X and XII B & C 8:45am to 2:50pm. 
Thanks & regards 
Principal CL DAV


Dear parents,

I take an opportunity to thank you all for the unparallel support you have rendered to us throughout the year and especially during Annual Day Function. A positive parent-teacher relationship helps the child feel good about himself and the school and therefore feels confident and engaged in his learning process. The staff and the authorities always go extra mile to make school a home away from a home. 


Extra classes for all the classes are already in progress. Six period time table is enforced. Attendance is mandatory. Weak areas of students have been identified and teachers are working to improve upon those areas. You are also requested to monitor your child's study schedule and motivate them to prepare thoroughly for exams.

PRE BOARD EXAMINATION for classes VIII, X – XII will be held in the Third week of January.


  • Classes - X & XII as per CBSE date sheet
  • Classes – VIII & XI as per DAV Board date sheet (2nd week of February 2019).
  • Classes Pre Nursery – VII school examination (3rd week of February2019).

READING SAMPLE SHEETS are provided to class – I. Kindly help your child practice these assignments regularly at home as these will enhance their vocabulary and reading skills. This will also help them delve into the world of creativity and imagination.


  • Winter break will be from 31st December to 14th January 2019 for classes Pre-Nursery to VII. & IX.  
  • For VIII, X, XI & XII winter break is from 31st December,2018 to 6th January 2019.

Extra classes for VIII, X, XI & XII is from 7th January – 12th January.

  • (Timings 9:30am – 12:45pm) school buses will ply.
  • PTM on 12 January, 2019 timings – 11:00 to 1:00pm. (VIII, X – XII)
  • January 2nd Saturday i.e.12th January 2019 will be a working day for the students of classes VIII, X, XI & XII. 
  • Attendance is mandatory for extra classes. Fine of Rs.100 per day will be imposed for the defaulters.
  • Regular school will begin from 15th January 2019.
  • PTM - 19th January 2019 Timings – 8:30 – 12:00Noon. (Pre-nursery – VII & IX)

Kindly spend qualitative time with your children.  Encourage them to read books as well as help them prepare well. Second pre-board is scheduled for January,2019 after winter break.


i)  Our school has always given great priority to regular upkeep and update of physical infrastructure, implement standard rules and procedures with regard to school transport,   safety of children,  dispersal of students,  medical emergency, so that we are always ready and equipped to meet any eventuality or untoward incident in the school campus.


ii)   School drivers have been advised not to ply buses on the ‘C’ roads especially in the congested residential areas of Zirakpur, Harmilap Nagar and inside various housing societies around Panchkula as per the strict instructions of the district administration.

It has been observed that auto rickshaw or cycle rickshaw ferrying the children are overloaded and generally children are seen dangerously hanging on the sides or by the driver's seat.  We have warned them at our end. In case of any mishap, the school authorities will not take any responsibility for it.  At times these rickshaws do not arrive in time to pick up children from school (or do not arrive at all). The children face a lot of inconvenience.  In case the safe 'rickshaw arrangement' is not feasible, services of school buses maybe utilized.  Parents who drop their children are requested to ensure their child's safety so they must wait till their child enters the school premises. 


Parents are requested not to make mobiles accessible to their children.  It has been observed that children watch objectionable sites and discuss among themselves.  Very young children have been found doing so in the classrooms. This would deprive the children of the pleasures of innocent childhood. As home is an 'Emotional refuge' give them your love, care, attention and time.  A little vigilance on your part will help develop healthy self esteem and would armour against the challenges of the world.

The registration for admission to all classes is open.  Parents are requested to intimate in their neighborhood and to their acquaintances as limited seats are available. 

Parents who want to withdraw their child from the school in the next session must send a written application to the principal by 1st March,2019, otherwise one month fee will be charged.              


School fee along with bus fee is to be deposited by 15th of every quarter. Late payments shall be subject to a fine of Rs.10 per day after the due date. The defaulters of the last quarter (January to March) will not be allowed to take final examination.

Well parents, do share your feedback with us while reflecting upon this circular.  This endeavour will go a long way in stimulating introspection so that measures for still better standards are explored.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!