C L DAV Senior Public School

Panchkula,Haryana 134112

Circular IV  


Dear Parents,    

  • It has been observed that the Auto-Rickshaws/ Cycle-Rickshaws ferrying children are overloaded and generally children are seen dangerously hanging on sides or by the drivers’ seat.Please ensure that the Auto/ Cycle-Rickshaw engaged does not carry more children than its normal capacity.    
  • At times these Rickshaws do not arrive in time to pick up/ drop children (or do not arrive at all). The children face lot of inconvenience. In case the safe “Rickshaw Arrangement” is not feasible, services of school buses may be utilized.     
  • It has been observed that the topics done in the class have been washed off the students’ minds. We are recapitulating the lessons at school and expect your cooperation in refreshing the same. Develop reading habit in your wards. Ensure that he/she reads one page daily.
  • We encourage the students to converse in English at school. You also insist that they speak in English at home.
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday will be observed as Fruit Day. So kindly send seasonal fruits, in their tiffins on these days from now onwards. 
  • Send nutritious tiffins. Avoid giving junk food. 
  • Send one Apron and Table Napkin alongwith the tiffins daily.(for kindergarten). 
  • Ensure that your ward comes to school in proper, clean and ironed uniform to school and reaches school in time i.e. 7:45 a.m.





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