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PROJECT:- Rx… aaplijiye

FOCAL THEME- Science, Technology, Innovation for Sustainable Developement

SUB-THEME- Lifestyle And Livelihood

TEAM:-Ankit,BhuvanAbrol,Vinkal Devi,HarmeetKaur,TanuAggarwal

GUIDE TEACHER:- Ms.Ms Vandana Dhiman


District level

Our school team participated at District level 25th NATIONAL CHILDREN SCIENCE CONGRESS 2017 held on 7 Nov,2017 at BhavanVidyalaya, Sec-15, pkl. The team was selected for state level and students were awarded as District Child scientist medals and certificates.

State level

Our school team participated at State level 25th NATIONAL CHILDREN SCIENCE CONGRESS 2017 held on 11-12 Nov,2017 at D.H.Lawrence Sr. Sec. School. Jhajjar. The students were awarded with certificates of appreciation.

The main Aim of this project is to create a gadget which will sure that people are able to take their medicines correctly and on time with the help of the reminders given to them by this device.The Rx…Aaplijiye is device that can help old people to take right medicine on right time . It provides a better understanding of the device as it has LED’s and a medicine box which can help a person to take medicine with the help of blinking LED’s .


TEAM:- Parth Uppal,Sanket,Lakshita Goyal,Anisha Singh,Akansha

GUIDE TEACHER:- Ms.Renu Aggarwal

CLDAV team comprising Parth,Sanket,Lakshita,Anisha,Akansha won 1st prize in 23rd National Children Science Congress at District Level under the able guidance of their science teacher Ms.Renu Aggarwal.The event was held on 23rd Oct,2015 at CLDAV,Sec-11,panchkula.About 40 teams from panchkula district articipated in this prestige event and their topic was Climate Smart Agriculture


TEAM:- Ruchika Bakshi,Samridhi Khosla, Aprana Jha, Lovesh Verma ,Harshit Verma

GUIDE TEACHER:- Ms.Sonia Khosla

A team of five students Ruchika Bakshi,Samridhi Khosla, Aprana Jha, Lovesh Verma and Harshit Verma with the guide teacher Ms.Sonia Khosla showcased their plants as spinach,beetroot fenugreek mustard andd wheat at the state level 22nd National Children Science Congress held at Rohtak.About 10 teams from nearby districts participated in this state level.Our team of would be scientists showcased their plants grown in controlled temperature in earthen pots and mudhouses in the school itself. The students prepared a Bio-refrigerator which is not only cheaper and eco-friendly but can be used in rural areas for preserving all kind of vegetables and sum liquids for about 8 to 10 days even during peak summer months the project as widely acclaimed  panel of judges for its multiple advantages.This team was awarded certifficates for their scientific bent of mind.

Achievements par excellence-Five years in a row at NATIONAL SCIENCE CONGRESS

Students of the school won gold medals consecutively for five years in National Science Congress. Our students achieved an extraordinary feat as 3 Science projecs of he same school won gold medals at the 18th National Children's Science Congress-2010,the most prestigious scientific event of the country held at Chennai. The school has been a consistent recipient of gold medal for the last five years.

The leaders of all the three teams were honoured by his Excellency Sh.Jagannath Pahadiya, Honourale Governor of Haryana on the Republic Day for their remarkable achievementsThe school has been a nursery for discovering and nurturing the scientific temperament of children.It has provide a conducive environment of experimentation. Interaction with subject experts and visits to industries ec. are undertaken for developing scienctific bent of mind of the students.As a result of this effort,the school has created history by winning Gold Medals for five consecutive years at the most prestigious 14th, 15th, 16th,17th and 18th National Children's Science Congress.


TEAM:-Pallavi,Divya,Niharika,Vaibhav and Arpit

GUIDE TEACHER:- Ms.Renu Aggarwal

The team of Pallavi,Divya,Niharika,Vaibhav and Arpit under their guide teacher Ms.Renu Aggarwal invented water purifiers. The special feature is-besides being economical; this device is eco-friendly. The students used coconut shells, maize cobs and saw dust of prepare the filters to purity the polluted water.Since the students have develped this device by using plant waste material, it is felt, in its final forms the device will be uch economical, eco-friendly and within easy reach of weaker section of the society.Being cost effective, it will also reduce the cost of ETP plants now in vogue in the industries in the line.We would also like to use this technology developed by the students in our ETP plants for wider acceptance by industies by and slso the common man.


TEAM:- Aishwarya,Kartik,Anup,Vanshika and Aparna

GUIDE TEACHER:-Ms.Sonia Khosla

The team of Aishwarya,Kartik,Anup,Vanshika and Aparna under the guidance of Ms.Sonia Khosla contributed remarkably in the field of invention. They prepared two bio-pesticides for killing mosquito larva and pests of vegetable crops.They surveyed Saketri, Bahed, Ramgarh and told the residents about the methods of preparing the bio-pesticides from the house-hold products.

Students invented NATURAL PLANT EXTRACTS which can decrease alkalinity of soil:- 

TEAM:- Nirwan,Nidhi,Kartikey,Tamanna and Ashish

GUIDE TEACHER:-Ms.Baljinder Kaur

In the junior category, a team of Nirwan,Nidhi,Kartikey,Tamanna and Ashish under the guidance of their Science Teacher Ms.Baljinder Kaur invented ways to educe alkaline content of soil by using eco-friendly and cost effective plant extracts made by them. For this purpose they took waste leaves of Eucalyptus, guava, mango,garlic,onion, ginger,mulberry,peepal etc.